Welcome to Ballistic Pursuits

This crazy adventure sharing production was born over drinks following the NRA Annual Meetings one night with industry friends. We were telling stories and reminiscing about past shenanigans, when the phrase was voiced out loud, “We should have our own TV Show.” We all smiled and agreed that, heck, we’d watch it. So why not.

That was the turning point where the talented folks at Lucid Optics began putting together a plan and identifying the team. With the gracious help from Shaw Barrels and Federal Ammunition this production began to take shape.

Then COVID hit and all that we planned was nearly lost. Travel was not possible and some of the talent became restless. This unfortunate set of circumstances, did however, lead to what we feel is a better mix of talent and sponsors to tell a real, true to life story that is achievable for most. Which is the point.



The stories and adventures we share will focus on details that are not told well but very important to the reasons we do what we do.  We will strive to make sure that the storytelling  that is not elitist in anyway.

There is a conservation side and a humanitarian side of adventure hunting that far out paces the trophy or the harvest moment. Don’t get me wrong everyone involved in this project are avid sportsmen and the thrill of fair chase hunting and ethical harvesting practices drive all of what we do.

This year you will see all of this portrayed in a very special place with very special people who have become some of our favorite extended family. We can’t say thank you enough to the folks at Crown Safari and the team at the Tara Wildlife Lodge.

So, tune in and come along with the Ballistic Pursuits team as we make Tracks into South Africa this season and stay tuned through out the rest of the year for product giveaways and registration to be a special guest on one of our adventures.